all my coolness

the social network for those of us who are just too fucking cool for the rest
the rest of the social networking sites that is

custom tokes coming soon, although admittedly not soon enough

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Neill Paperton

Malcom Sooooo

Celia Proctershop

Pave Long

Max Fray

Jess Bone

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Quiz yourself stupid

Which terminal illness are you?

Which world genocide are you?

Which defunct currency are you?

Which symptom of depressive neurosis are you?

Which water contaminant are you?

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nastiest hair piece

coolest health and safety risk

best overall dance shoes

most sophisticated pickle

shortest fingernails

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Contributions - Engage...

my problem is...

It doesn't matter

a Whole bagFul of things

of course

just good sense

How I feel about You

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All My Coolness is a spoof social networking site created by BrainDeadAir with a little help from the Twat.