Name Pave Long

Pave Long picture

I just try my best

All my stats:

bloodtype no idea

skin smooth

preference any

influence Anthony Worral Thomson

- : favourites
Chairs / Waxworks / Ridiculous Trousers (the band, not the cereal) / Pedal pushers / The Pope


not again

not again

a Whole bagFul of things

a Whole bagFul of things

Relates to:

Jess Bone

Sadie Sand

Mary Jons

Max Fray

Neill Paperton

Malcom Sooooo


nice earlobes - Malcom Sooooo

about time... - Celia Proctershop

I pray for you all - Max Fray

you really are sick - Max Fray

If you ever do this again I'll personally see to your impairment. - Max Fray

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