Name Jess Bone

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enjoyment, that's the main thing, surely the rest is just garnish!

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bloodtype hopefully!

skin satisfying

preference intense

influence Vera Lynn

- : favourites
Kajagoogoo / Chairs / Vintage Typewriters / Black Lace / Adolf Eichmann


chairs for sitting on

chairs for sitting on

A Difficult Situation

A Difficult Situation

Relates to:

Mary Jons

Max Fray

Sadie Sand

Celia Proctershop

Neill Paperton

Pave Long


nice profile man - Neill Paperton

If you ever do this again I'll personally see to your impairment. - Max Fray

which way up does it fit? - Pave Long

Remember that time in the past !!?? - Malcom Sooooo

lets go babes i need to see u relaxd - Celia Proctershop

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