Name Sadie Sand

Sadie Sand picture

Well, where to begin? I guess I just really believe that people are really not what they were meant to mean and that's basically why it's that way.

All my stats:

bloodtype AB

skin soft like a week-old peach

preference large

influence Mae West

- : favourites
Black Lace / Kajagoogoo / Pedal pushers / Ridiculous Trousers (the band, not the cereal) / The Pope


just good sense

just good sense

Sympathy Bites

Sympathy Bites

Relates to:

Max Fray

Pave Long

Malcom Sooooo

Jess Bone

Neill Paperton

Celia Proctershop


we should like, do something big - Pave Long

too right babeys - Malcom Sooooo

which one are you? - Malcom Sooooo

combo! - Jess Bone

hey - rolf harris wants his hat back! - Jess Bone

yeah, def nice to see you on here - Jess Bone

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